Mike and Karen Moran oversee all of our connect groups at Colonial Church. Their hearts beat for building community within our church family and the greater city of St. Augustine! Connect groups are a vital part of our church community. We believe we were meant to do life alongside each other. We are better together! We would love to help you find a connect group to get involved in.




"Our connect group usually looks like a group of friends hanging out in the kitchen or around the table, sharing a meal and talking about life with one another intentionally gathered to focus on Jesus." -Jeremy and Katie Robshaw


"Our connect group is made up of mature believers seeking spirit-filled fellowship." -Rich and Diane Dettra


"Connect groups are an environment where we can gather as friends to laugh with each other, be honest, and leave with something that adds value to our lives."  -  Jason and Charisse McKenzie

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"During our times together at connect group, we grow in deeper levels of relationship with God and with the people He places in our lives."          -Mike and Karen Moran


"Our connect time is filled with love and encouragement knowing that none of us are alone in this great commission of the gospel." 1 John 4:11 -Nathan and Lauren Burks



"Connect is our chance to really slow down and dive deep into the word and reflect on how we live it." - Mat and Hilary Franke

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